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Unlock Your Potential

Yes, it’s about riding… but it’s so much more than that—it's about achieving, growing, and connecting as part of a supportive community that values integrity, commitment.



Connect on a Deeper Level

Develop your skills faster and learn from your ultimate teachers– the horse and experience.

Connect with the horse, with nature, and yourself.


Meet Your Next Partner

The horse of your dreams is waiting for you. Talented, safe, sound, and ready to become a part of your family.

What’s more? They’ve got a delightful Irish accent!

Stop Searching

To find a facility that understands your needs as an adult student.

Be Supported

Be supported for your desire to learn and grow as a rider and horse lover.

Let Go Of Anxiety

About advancing your skills or finding the perfect horse from a reputable source.

Get Guidance

Relax, knowing that you have guidance you deserve, no matter your goals.

Stop Struggling

In an environment that doesn't embrace you.

Be Celebrated

Join an inclusive community of riders who love horses, love learning, and welcome you for who you are.


Why Should I Consider an Imported Horse From Ireland?

Value & Quality

Even with the added cost of importing, your American Dollar goes A LOT further in Ireland.

That means you get a higher quality horse for your hard earned money.

What disciplines do you teach? What can I expect to try?

We teach primarily eventing but we also recognize that many students may not want to jump or do cross-country. We also teach dressage and hunter/jumper techniques as well.

You can expect to try riding out of the arena and learning how to navigate terrain, even if you do not wish to jump.

What is eventing?

Eventing is best described as an equine triathlon.

The sport originated as a cavalry test and is comprised of three phases: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.

The first phase- dressage- shows the graceful partnership of horse and rider through a sequence of movements on the flat.

The next phase- cross-country- challenges the pair’s bravery and fitness by navigating a series of solid obstacles over varied terrain.

In the final phase- show jumping- pairs must again prove their precision as they jump delicate fences. Competitors accumulate penalty points in each phase, and at the end of the event, the pair with the lowest score takes home top honors.

Eventing starts at the grassroots level with a walk/trot dressage test, crossrails for show jumping, and small (18”) logs and other straightforward obstacles for cross-country.

What types of lessons do you teach?

We teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced English lessons with a focus on eventing.

Our lessons are based upon a “balanced seat” approach with an emphasis on correct position in the saddle, control of your mount and safety through true horsemanship. Our lessons also include horse management components such as horse psychology, nutrition, and fitness.

How many lessons will it take to be a skilled horse person?

The most fundamental basics can take as little as 5 lessons to learn but you will not know enough to ride on your own or go and purchase a horse for yourself.  There is no set limit for what you are willing to learn.

Everyone learns at a different pace and all horses can be very different from one another.

Horsemanship can take years or even a lifetime depending on what you would like to learn and to what level.

Do you offer group riding lessons or just private riding lessons?

Irish Manor Stables offers both private and group lessons. Beginning students or students new to Irish Manor will start in private lessons.

Then once the student is ready, they can transition into a group where they have the opportunity to accelerate their learning through the benefit of observing others ride, hearing other riders' questions and the answers, and observing how horses differ from and are similar to one another.

Do you offer horse showing/coaching/training to lesson participants?

Yes! We offer this to leasing clients, clients with their own horse, and Academy clients.

We love having new students on our show team! It’s about making new friends, having new experiences, setting goals, expanding your comfort zone, and working together as a team.

Joining our team and wearing our barn colors is a great way to have fun!

Do you offer lesson packages?


We offer two monthly tuition packages which may be purchased online (credit card) or in person (cash or check).

Please note that we do not give refunds on any packages. Lessons may be made up during designated make up times.

Do you offer online courses?


We offer several online courses ranging from topics such as Horse Ownership to First Aid and Farrier Care.

All of these courses may be taken at your own pace. You may find these courses in the “Online Training” tab.

Can I show up at my lesson time and have my horse ready for me?

We require that you groom and tack your horse prior to your lesson, and leave time after your lesson to cool out your horse, groom them, and untack them.

After the first lesson, you will learn how to care for your tack after your rides and that will become a part of your routine.

If you have never groomed or tacked before, these skills may take 1-3 lessons to learn and may take the majority of your lesson time to learn without as much time in the saddle.

These are essential skills to learn and will serve you well moving forward in your education.

When can I lease a horse from Irish Manor Stables?

If you are part of our Academy program, we can discuss leasing once you have passed your Level Three certification.

You want support

...that fits your needs as an adult learner.

You want to build confidence

...and to let go of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

You want to be understood

...regardless of your level or riding background.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

...regardless of if you've always dreamed of riding and are just starting out, if you are getting back into the tack after an extended time away, or searching for your next perfect partner.

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Serving Adult Eventers

Offering award-winning riding instruction- Hunterdon Happening winner 2018, finalist 2019 & 2020.

Meet Our Head Trainer

Stephanie Swites is committed to thoughtful, goal oriented, academic instruction for all of her students. She believes in supporting the continuous growth and education of new and experienced riders alike, and places a strong emphasis on teaching quality horsemanship along with confident eventing skills.

B.S. in English Equestrian Studies with a Riding & Training Emphasis

B.S. in Business Management from The University of Findlay

American Riding Instructors Association certified riding instructor

The United States Pony Club, C-2 graduate (in eventing)

United States Eventing Association Silver Medal at the Novice level

Hear From Our Happy Clients


“I’ve had nothing but positive experiences at Irish Manor!

The barn is always clean and well-kept and the phenomenal organization eliminates unnecessary frustration and stress that often occur preparing for riding lessons. All of the lesson tack is clearly labeled with each horse’s name and each lesson horse has his/her own bucket of grooming tools.

The organization at Irish Manor further extends to the time management of lessons – lessons start on time and I always get a full lesson followed by time to care for my horse without feeling rushed.

The atmosphere here is very welcoming for both children and adult riders with many group events offered to get to know other riders (group trail rides, gymkhana games, holiday parties, etc…).

But the major highlight of Irish Manor is the quality of lessons that Stephanie teaches. She helps you learn more than just how to stay on the horse, she teaches you how to actually ride; Stephanie has helped me start to find the delicate connection between horse and rider, the give and take that you need to have a conversation with your horse, and the physical cues that help achieve this.

Stephanie asks about my riding goals and helps create a plan to achieve these during my lessons – I’ve never had a trainer that cares so much about helping me achieve my specific goals, teaching quality riding techniques, and enforcing the best possible treatment of the horses.

In addition to riding skills, Irish Manor emphasizes caring for your horse even when you are not in the saddle. You will groom and tack up your horse before each lesson and untack, care for your horse, and clean your tack after each lesson.

Stephanie also offers horse management lessons in place of (or in addition to) mounted lessons, particularly when the weather does not permit a mounted lesson.

If you are looking to ride (at ANY level) or learn your way around horses, I would 100% recommend Irish Manor!”

Amy A.

"I started at Irish Manor with the goal of having a “reset”, to start over with regaining confidence and correcting bad habits.

From the beginning, I felt like my lessons focused on finer details that would help me improve my position.

I am pretty proud of how I have progressed. It has been almost a year of competing in eventing, and the scores and ribbons show that I am going in the correct direction!"


"I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the lessons with you [Stephanie]!

You are a really great teacher, you know how to connect the concept and the student and that’s truly a gift!

Please give Duke a hug for me as I completely enjoyed his teaching me as well!

Christine P

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